Sports Betting Australia

Most sports betting operators in Australia target a young, professional and single demographic. By positioning sports betting as a form of entertainment, they appeal to this group’s higher income and upward mobility. However, some questions about sports betting have arisen. These include: What’s the best bookmaker? Where can you find the best prices for favorites?


Bookies offer the best price on all favorites

When it comes to sports betting Australia, bookies offer the best price on all favorites. This is especially important because the country hosts one of the Grand Slams of tennis and has a high turnover of betting. In addition, the nation has a number of native leagues, such as the A-League soccer. This means that Australian bookies often have the best price for the favorites in Australian races.

People with trade qualifications are more concerned about sports betting

Survey responses from nearly 15 000 sports fans in Australia have revealed that the proportion of people who regularly place a bet on a sporting event has decreased. Those aged over forty and with university qualifications were less likely to place bets. They were also less likely to bet on sports on a weekly basis than were those without any qualifications. While this difference was not statistically significant, the researchers found that a majority of those who were regular sports bettors also had gambling-related problems.

In Australia, sports betting is legal but it is also restricted. It can only be conducted on-site at a licensed racecourse or online through licensed operators. Advertising sports betting is also prohibited. The state governing bodies regulate the industry and inspect physical presences.

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